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New time table updated on: 02-Jan-2023
DowntownHub01:40 PM
HubDombivali01:45 PM
DowntownHub01:50 PM
Hub (KDMT-76)Dombivali(Expected) 01:50 PM
DowntownHub02:00 PM
HubDombivali02:15 PM
DowntownHub02:20 PM
DowntownHub02:30 PM
DowntownHub02:40 PM
HubDombivali02:45 PM
DowntownHub02:50 PM
DowntownHub03:00 PM
DowntownHub03:10 PM
HubDombivali03:15 PM
DowntownHub03:20 PM
Hub (KDMT-76)Dombivali(Expected) 03:20 PM
DowntownHub03:30 PM
DowntownHub03:40 PM
HubDombivali03:45 PM
DowntownHub03:50 PM
DowntownHub04:00 PM
DowntownHub04:10 PM
HubDombivali04:15 PM
DowntownHub04:20 PM
DowntownHub04:30 PM
DowntownHub04:40 PM
HubDombivali04:45 PM
DowntownHub04:50 PM
DowntownHub05:00 PM
DowntownHub05:10 PM
HubDombivali05:15 PM
DowntownHub05:20 PM
DowntownHub05:30 PM
Hub (KDMT-76)Dombivali(Expected) 05:30 PM
DowntownHub05:40 PM
HubDombivali05:45 PM
DowntownHub05:50 PM
DowntownHub06:00 PM
HubDombivali06:00 PM
DowntownHub06:10 PM
HubDombivali06:15 PM
Hub (KDMT-76)Dombivali(Expected) 06:15 PM
DowntownHub06:20 PM
DowntownHub06:30 PM
HubDombivali06:30 PM
DowntownHub06:40 PM
HubDombivali06:45 PM
DowntownHub06:50 PM
DowntownHub07:00 PM
Hub (KDMT-76)Dombivali(Expected) 07:00 PM
DowntownHub07:10 PM
HubDombivali07:15 PM
DowntownHub07:20 PM
DowntownHub07:30 PM
HubDombivali07:30 PM
DowntownHub07:40 PM
HubDombivali07:45 PM
Hub (KDMT-76)Dombivali(Expected) 07:45 PM
DowntownHub07:50 PM
DowntownHub08:00 PM
HubDombivali08:00 PM
DowntownHub08:10 PM
HubDombivali08:15 PM
DowntownHub08:20 PM
DowntownHub08:30 PM
HubDombivali08:30 PM
DowntownHub08:40 PM
HubDombivali08:45 PM
DowntownHub08:50 PM
DowntownHub09:00 PM
HubDombivali09:00 PM
DowntownHub09:10 PM
HubDombivali09:15 PM
DowntownHub09:20 PM
DowntownHub09:30 PM
HubDombivali09:30 PM
DowntownHub09:40 PM
HubDombivali09:45 PM
DowntownHub09:50 PM
DowntownHub10:00 PM
HubDombivali10:00 PM
DowntownHub10:10 PM
HubDombivali10:15 PM
DowntownHub10:20 PM
DowntownHub10:30 PM
DowntownHub10:40 PM
DowntownHub10:50 PM
DowntownHub11:00 PM
DowntownHub11:10 PM
DowntownHub11:20 PM
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